Meeting in the Era of Coronavirus

Well, we pulled it off–our socially distanced Guardian 34th Anniversary meeting! Here are tips for holding a club meeting while staying safe:

• Use a 1-in-10 bleach and water solution to wipe down surfaces likely to be touched; wipe down eating areas and restrooms after each use
• Space seating so no guests sit side-by-side (if using a couch, place an object on the middle seat to force separation)
• Provide designated eating areas spaced even farther apart
• Remove cloth towels and hang a roll of paper towels in their place
• Have hand soap and sanitizer in the bathrooms, and additional hand sanitizer in other rooms in use
• Encourage the use of masks and have extras to provide if needed
• Plan for guests to bring their own food/drink, no potluck

Of course, these are general suggestions that can be adjusted as needed. We did share  Jammie Dodgers, by taking them out of their original packaging using salad tongs and placing them on individual napkins.

We watched old Who (Mythmakers videos with Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen), new sort-of Who (Reeltime Pictures video staring Sil), and the Late Late Show with James Corden and his guests Jodie Whitaker and David Tennant. There was also lively conversation, a brief business meeting, and a trivia contest with prizes. The contest was even run by show of hands to save contestants from having  to touch pencil and paper. (The pen with our sign-in book was sanitized after each use.) The trivia contest–The Pandemic Edition–will be presented in my next blog post.

We ran out of time before getting to my planned no-contact party game, the Doctor Who version of “Going on a Picnic.” If you are unfamiliar with the game, the first person says, “I’m going on a picnic with the Doctor and am taking …” followed by something or someone from Doctor Who with a name beginning with the letter A. The next person must say, “I’m going on a picnic with the Doctor and taking [the previously named object/character starting with A] and [something that starts with B].” The game continues around the group until the letter Z is reached. Can you think of Doctor Who characters or objects for all 26 letters? Our club did years ago, when there was only Classic Who to reference–challenge made!



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