Guardians of Gallifrey Anniversary!

This Saturday’s June Anniversary event will be shorter than previous years, but will still be full of Doctor Who fan fun. Lord President Arthur Dykeman has several surprise video selections lined up, with lots of items (old and new) that have never been shown at a GoG meeting. While the usual carny-style games will not be present, there will be a DW-themed party game. Expect a trivia contest and door prizes.

To be safe in this time of COVID we’ll be following The Doctor’s advice, so plan to social distance, wear a mask if you must be close, and bring your own food and drink (no potluck this year). We may attempt to add a virtual element to the meeting, so stay tuned.

Of course, the meeting is still at my home which means–PHOTO OPS! The Exploding TARDIS wall, the Classic Console Room, Daleks, and the Delegate from Alpha Centauri will be available. As always, costumes are encouraged and cosplayers welcome.

Set your space/time coordinates for noon to 6pm Saturday, June 27, at 170 Broadmoor Ave, Lake Mary, Florida, to join with other Doctor Who fans–two meters apart–in celebrating 34 years of the Guardians of Gallifrey!

Stay safe and listen to your Doctor,


For more details, check us out on Facebook:

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