Dalek Craft

Here’s the pattern for the Dalek ornament (as seen on the Who tree at past Guardian Wholiday Parties, now given out at SF events).

Cut out each figure, also cutting the many parallel lines at the top of each Dalek. Roll the paper into a cone shape and glue the side flap. Fold each of the strips at the top of the Dalek over each other, then tape down. The finished product can be seen here, with the small TARDIS craft and a K-9.

You can make your Daleks on white or color paper, or color them as you like before cutting them out. Attach a loop of thread to the top to hang as an ornament, or just stand them up for display. Make your own finger-sized Dalek army, or enlarge the pattern for more variety!

Next time:  K-9.


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