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Here’s some that missed the Gallifrey Guardian:

As a shared viewing for two, Mandip Gill and Sacha Dhawan, in coordination with BBC America, chose to simultaneously watch Spyfall while tweeting with the #SpyMaster hashtag. A sampling of their Tweets:
Really thought I’d get to wear my police uniform again…but what a good boss.
Did you know when we stepped into O’s hut (South Africa), we were back in Cardiff!!
There he is!!! Loved playing ‘O’. At this point I hadn’t even looked at the script pages for The Master… In order for the reveal to work it was easier to play them as two separate people.
This was the first I was revealing The Master to anyone. I was having fun but I was genuinely terrified!! The crew were so brilliant that day allowing me to bounce all over the place.
Dhawan described the last scene in Spyfall, Part Two as particularly difficult because he had to memorize a three-minute monologue.

Candy Jar Books has free-for-download short stories in The Lucy Wilson Mysteries series. In Copy/Paste by Jonathan Macho, Lucy is locked down with her family and has to save the world at a time when she can’t even leave her house. The story includes a special message from Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Lucy’s grandfather). In Sweet Revenge by Paul W. Robinson, Lucy is still stuck in isolation, away from her best friend and getting bored…but aliens aren’t following the lockdown rules. To download, visit the Candy Jar Books website.

And here’s the link to the skit with Catherine Tate as schoolgirl Lauren, currently struggling with being remotely educated by her teacher, played by David Tennant, from BBC One’s The Big Night In.

The following info did appear in the Gallifrey Guardian, but deserves repeating. If you have enjoyed the global viewings and extra stories and videos that have been created for them, please give back if you can.  Everyone involved in making the videos specially written as companion pieces to the global viewings contributed their time and talent for free. You can show your appreciate by donating to The Film and TV Charity’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, to support the creative community which has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Doctor Who writers and other creatives continue to provide new content to encourage fans at this time of isolation and anxiety; most can be found at BBC’s Doctor Who website:
New short story by Joy Wilkinson, The Simple Things
New short story by Paul Cornell, The Shadow Passes
New short story by Steven Moffat, The Terror of the Umpty Ums
New short story by Pete McTighe, Press Play
Don’t miss the Fun and Games page, with virtual reality, quizzes, coding games, stories, crafts–and be sure to check out the “Makes” sub-page!


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