Free Comic Book Day 2020?

In any other year, I would have posted my road trip itinerary for Free Comic Book Day by now, to encourage as many fans as possible to get out there and support their local comic book store. The good news is, Free Comic Book Day has not been cancelled by Diamond Comic Distributors, just postponed until later in the summer. The bad news is, some of your local comics stores may not survive that long.

Even the mundane press (The Orlando Sentinel) noted the issue, with an article in last Sunday’s paper headlined, “End of Times for Comic Books, Shops?” If you have the cash to spare, go to your favorite comic store’s website and support them with your online order.  You can find comic book stores near you using the locator page at DCD’s website: or check out the Guardians of Gallifrey’s Comic Book Compendium (last updated during last year’s FCBD) on our website.

For posts (with photos) about past Free Comic Book Days, check the GoG Blog dates of May 2 in 2018 and May 9 and 15 in 2019.


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