Bits from the newsletter…and excess

From the Gallifrey Guardian:  “I know it’s rough out there right now, but we have a chance to save the world just by staying home! To make the best of the situation, the Doctor Who community is staying connected in spite of mass in-person isolation. Check it out…” — Julia

There have been several online global  events in the past month. If you missed joining in on the mass viewing of Day of The Doctor, here is a link to the new, specially written scene to introduce the #SaveTheDay international online event:

Russell T Davies wrote a prequel for the global viewing of Rose. You can read Doctor Who and The Time War, and Davies’ introduction, here:

Past and present members of the Doctor Who team are sharing with fans how they are coping and ways to help others, with suggestions to pass the time. A new very short story from Chris Chibnall can be accessed at the official BBC Doctor Who website, here:

Jodie, in character as The Doctor, recorded a brief message offering encouragement and advice. Others involved with the show have posted videos and pics of interest to fans. To see Jodie’s message and these photos/videos, go here:

And, now, news that missed the newsletter:

Doctor Who Series 13 is likely to premiere in the autumn of 2021. (from The Mirror, make of it what you will)

Matt Lucas (Nardole) will replace Sandi Toksvig on The Great British Bake Off, co-hosting alongside Noel Fielding in Series 11. Lucas said he was “chuffed to bits” at the opportunity, and “bearing in mind my love of cake, I’ve already ordered some much larger trousers in anticipation.” Channel 4’s Director of Programs, Ian Katz, said “We’re thrilled that one much loved national institution is joining another. Matt has everything it takes to be a great Bake Off presenter: he’s warm, hilarious, and loves cake.”

Need more ways to pass the time? At the link below, scroll down past messages about the global viewing party to reach a post with free printable Doctor Who-themed coloring pages, offered by @ginoodle. Also, Director Rachael Talalay has posted behind-the-scenes photos from her personal collection.


Still need more Doctor Who? Check out behind-the-scenes photos and mini-documentary videos from recent episodes:

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