Spoilers if you didn’t see the finale

I’m back after my extended work-related absence. So much to catch up on; finished off the current season today. I enjoyed the 3-parter, but did have a few “hmmmm…” moments:

Did anyone else think The Master behaves more like a child who was tortured by their mother-figure than the Doctor? Having lived for eons (from the beginning of Time-Lord culture) would also explain his insane desperation to ‘end it all’–taking his own life along with all other organic creatures on the planet.

Seeing how easily The Master dispatched the Cybermen’s fanatical human leader really drilled home how much The Doctor’s refusal to kill hampers her ability to stop a villain before they commit further atrocities. Fortunately for the universe, she always succeeds in the end.

And who didn’t guess the old warrior would sacrifice his life so The Doctor wouldn’t have to do it?

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