More Pics from Doctor Who Anniversary Day

Here are two more photos from Fandomania at the Deltona Library:  a view of our second Club table and one of fans adding to the Clara Memorial TARDIS (which will be available for even more graffiti at the Wholiday Party).


And here are two from Gods & Monsters, which offered a free drink to cosplayers (check out the Specials).


Finally, a last bit of excess newsletter material:

On The Graham Norton Show, Jodie Whittaker reflected on the fame that has come with being the Doctor, and revealed a particularly embarrassing incident. “It’s an interesting thing and it’s all over the world and you have this weird narcissism thing where you think everyone is watching you,” she continued.
“The most embarrassing thing happened to me yesterday on the tube. I was standing on the platform with my empty reusable cup and an elderly gentleman walked towards me and put his arm into my space and I was like, ‘What are you doing?’
“He said sorry and explained he was trying to put some money in my cup! He had no idea who I was!”

More to come, but right now I’m off to party prep!

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