Meeting Round-up (and an extra bit)

Giving a shout-out to the host of most of our meetings, Sci-Fi City in Orlando! We meet there monthly to watch Doctor Who (and related video), chat, shop, have–or create–the occasional trivia contest, and generally revel in all that is great about WHO. Here’s a sampling of photos from our meetings:

A few of us showing off our Doctor Who swag from Free Comic Book Day, with extra copies of the free Doctor Who comic for members and visitors.

Some of the gang relaxing between episodes (notice the multitude of sales stickers on the merchandise behind us!).

Me at the Guardian meeting in August, the weekend of Woodstock’s 50th anniversary (even more sale stickers!).

A visit from the original GoG Mama, Cathi, and her husband Joe (see our “Classic Guardians of Gallifrey” page).

…As for that extra bit…I saw the Doctor Who knitted TARDIS cap with tassels in a local Spirit Halloween store!

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