I was heading to my garage to prepare the large Dalek (yes, I have more than one) for a fan event at a local library where my daughter works. My son-in-law was on his way to my house in his pickup truck to handle the delivery.

When I tried to open the inside door to the garage, it was blocked. Peering through the small opening, I saw that one of the set walls built for a Doctor Who fanvideo had fallen and was blocking the door. Luckily, its fall had been stopped by a small cabinet, so it had not fallen completely across the door.

My first thought was to go around to the outside of the house and open the large garage door. As I attempted to lift the outside door, I felt resistance, and remembered that there were sheets tacked above the door to simulate the classic TARDIS console room walls. Not wanting to destroy the fabric ‘set walls’ or risk damaging the door, I stopped.

Returning to the inside door, I retrieved the decorated wooden pole our Club uses to smash the annual Wholiday piñata. (A gift from a fellow Who fan–thanks, Edward.) It just fit through the crack in the door and enabled me to push the set wall up enough to open the door. The Dalek was ready for transport when my son-in-law arrived.

MORAL: Who fan problems call for Who fan solutions!


The two Daleks (and a young Yeti) in front of the fabric ‘set wall.’


A view of the wooden set walls (behind the clothes rack).

The piñata stick in use.

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