Great Minds…

Our Lord President and VideoMaster were on the same wavelength as the BBC  this month. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, the official Doctor Who webpage featured an article on stories in which the Doctor has traveled to the moon. As the Guardians of Gallifrey’s July meeting fell just the day after that anniversary, our viewing reflected the same theme.  We watched an (animated) episode from The Moonbase, the first half of The Seeds of Death, and the two-parter Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon. Not having endless time (and wanting to save space for Part 2 of 6 of the show starring David Tennant as a demon–shhhh!), we skipped Smith and Jones and Kill the Moon.

Favorite moments during the meeting:

Sharing memories of watching the moon landing in 1969.

Watching the scene where the Eleventh Doctor requests maps, a fez, and Jammie Dodgers, when by coincidence we had his favorite snack on the table (courtesy of Sue).

During the business meeting, when Arthur mention a future date being tentative, and Patrick–without missing a beat–piped up, “Would that be David Tennant-tively?”

After the power flickered out (briefly) and I told the story of the River Song-themed Anniversary Party from a few years before, when the power went out completely: luckily, one of our members had had Silence in the Library on his laptop and a fully charged battery, so we settled in to watch River’s swan song. Just as she announced “Let there be light!” the power–and lights–came back on in the house.

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