Anniversary Party Saturday!

Wow, really late this year posting about the party. I’ll make up for it in the next few days, starting with this post to get your taste buds tingling. Besides viewing, trivia, games, chat, show-n-tell, crafts, puzzles, costumes, and photo ops, our parties feature a wide selection of FOOD! Here are some photos of selections from previous parties:


A meal composed of all the foods tried (and mostly rejected) by the Eleventh Doctor in his first episode, and an eleven-layer dessert, at our “11 Doctors, 11 Hours” party.

A Dominoes cake, for the unveiling of our “Doctor Who Dominoes” trivia game.


The Olympic symbol and torch for our “Doctor Who Olympics”-themed party.


A Giant Spiderweb cookie and Krynoid cupcakes (guess which classic episodes they were made for).


And an oldie but goodie, the classic Doctor Who logo (for an anniversary pre-dating the 2005 release of the new series).

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