More Spoilers (don’t say we didn’t warn you)

Here is information about current Doctor Who filming (besides what appeared in the Gallifrey Guardian), and links to LOTS of photos!

Bradley Walsh posed with fans as he took an ice cream break while filming Doctor Who on Barry Island on April 11. There was a casting call for a double for Bradley Walsh for that day, but no word on why a double would be needed for him. Walsh was wearing the same costume as on March 26 and April 5, which makes it likely the crew were still filming Block 3, said to consist of Episodes 3 and 4.

After taking a one-week break from filming, a Doctor Who crew filmed in the New Parlour, Side Hall, and Morning Room of Tredegar House April 29 through May 2. A local spotted the TARDIS prop being brought into Tredegar House for filming on April 29. The next day Jodie Whittaker was seen on the grounds in what was described as “full tuxedo”, although one fan theorized she was dressed as a Victorian doctor. Another fan spotted Jodie and an unknown actress in a blue Victorian dress. There were more sightings of the filming at Tredegar House on April 30. A Victorian fire extinguisher was rented as a prop for this time period. On May 1, Bradley Walsh’s driver, Joey, posted on Instagram from Tredegar House.

Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole where spotted filming Doctor Who at The Little Man Coffee Company on Bridge Street in Cardiff on May 29. Several fans were able to meet the cast. After the main cast left, an actress playing a barista remained and some creature actors playing Judoon appeared on the scene for more filming. The Judoon were seen confronting the barista of the small coffee shop. Though the scene was filmed in Cardiff, it is believed to take place in Gloucester.

PHOTOS AND VIDEO ON THIS PAGE:    Click the arrow to advance on the photo from glostographer to see a Judoon in front of a baby carriage!


Great close-up of a Judoon here:

MORE PHOTOS AND VIDEO HERE:      Click on RMS to go to Twitter for several more photos of the Judoon scene on the bridge.

Professional photographer Gareth Everett’s photos here:

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