More on the 2019 Free Comic Book Day Road Trip


ACME – artists’ signings, our TARDIS in the Danger room, 25%-off sales throughout the store, and up to 13 free comics per person
Bamf! – artists, face-painting, cosplayers, comfy chairs for TV viewing, SW stuff at 50% off, and 10 comics per person plus posters

A Comic Shop – Raffle, buy 2 get 1 free sales, Funko Pops as low as $10.00, ‘flea market’ next door, 5 free comics per person

Sci-Fi City – Funko Pops 20% off, sales throughout the store, gamers, 25-cent back issues (snatched up by Patrick), 8 comics per person

Coliseum of Comics – Artists, cosplayers, vendors, and…free comics

West Orange Comics & Video Games – located beside a movie theater (how convenient), artists, 3 free comics per person
Krum’s World Comics – slot car racetrack with models of iconic TV/movie locations, TARDIS back door, 10%-off, artist, Doctor Who necklaces, 3 comics per person

Windu’s Comics & Collectibles – 30% Star Wars and Star Trek, 20% off comics, Funko Pops (LOTS of Pops!) buy 3 get 1 free, TARDIS backpack, and…free comics

Gods & Monsters – vendors outside, Vault 5421 (bar), LOTS of Doctor Who stuff, 15% off most of the store, 3 free comics per person plus “Finding Your Voice.”

If you missed it, check out the previous blog post for more photos.  The best of the lot can be found in the May issue of The Gallifrey Guardian, our Club newsletter. Not a member? Join at our website: .

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