Free Comic Book Day is Coming!

On May the 4th (“May the fourth be with you”), I’ll take my annual Guardian road trip to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. [Update: found out Heroes Landing has closed, so am substituting GNaOT – a shop so new they don’t have FCBD plans.] Arrival time for the first stop is 10:00 a.m., with each stop after that about an hour apart. If you would care to join in anywhere along the route, here’s the updated itinerary:

ACME Comics; Guns, Knives, and Other Things; BAMF Comics; A Comic Shop (probably pause for lunch about noon); Sci-Fi City; West Orange Comics and Games; Krum’s World Comics; Windu Comics (pause for a quick dinner); Gods & Monsters.

Followed by a movie — The Avengers, of course!

If you don’t make it, check out future blog posts; there will be photos.



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