Slight Spoilers

Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole and showrunner Chris Chibnall have completed location shooting in the Cape Town area in South Africa. Shooting began in January and wrapped early morning after a night shoot at Bowmans on Bree St in Cape Town on February 7. Filming also took place at Kogel Bay, Western Cape, and at Kersefontein Buest Farm in Hopefield. The cast and Chibnall appear to have enjoyed their weekends and days off in Cape Town, between filming what were most likely episodes 1 and 5 of the Series 12. Photos on are here:

According to the CV of the production designer for the portion of the filming block recently completed in South Africa, Jamie Stone is directing. Two members of the crew working in South Africa, a script supervisor and a camera operator, are listed as working on the first and fifth episode of Series 12. After the South Africa location filming, more of Stone’s Block 1 filming continued on location in Cardiff. Jamie Stone previously directed the Doctor Who short, “The Last Day,” the prelude to “The Day of The Doctor.”
A large section of Cardiff Bay Link road in Cardiff, Wales was closed off for Doctor Who filming February 10 for a late night shoot. One person at the scene captured a photo of the filming involving automobiles, one with a camera mount. The shoot was described in a fan’s tweet as within the Cardiff Bay Link road tunnel, and the area outside by the Queensgate roundabout. There was also a report of “seagulls” at the location, (or large birds resembling seagulls) “floating” in the air. It is possible these were actually drones mounted with cameras.
Filming for Doctor who series 12 took place at the Guildhall in Swansea, Wales over February 18 and 19, for a night shoot. Jodie Whittaker and all three companion actors were present. Fans have Tweeted photos with Jodie, Bradley, and Tosin…and Steven Fry.  Fry was seen on location in a 1940s-era tweed suit, along with extras wearing business attire. One fan Tweeted of the set in Swansea, “Looks like a parlour room…earlier there was a portrait of Victoria in the room.”
An ambulance cot prop was spotted with the TARDIS, which was seen in the Lord Mayor’s reception room in Swansea Guildhall. A prop plaque on the wall states: “In honour of those members of the Secret Intelligence Service who gave their lives in service of queen and country.”  Film crew members’ names are included in the list of the deceased, among them, Catherine Goldschmidt, cinematographer for the first filming block.  More plaques with earlier and later dates were spotted with more names of the film crew.  One Tweet (since deleted) listed the name of screenwriter Gareth Roberts on a plaque honoring Secret Service members who died after 2000.  A prop sign on a door read Chief of the Secret Intelligence Services and a directional sign pointed to the Cyber Security Department.

Doctor Who filming at Swansea Guildhall, Wales (go here for photos and video):

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