I strongly recommend “The Jurassic Parks” at the Orlando Fringe Festival, my favorite show so far. If you are a local, check out the Festival–it’s ongoing through Memorial Day, when the “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” will be performed. I saw it years ago, and it is amazing!

Sometimes Doctor Who-related shows make it into the festival. In 2011, a Fringe group put on an improv show called “Doctor Whose Line is it, Anyway?” Last year’s festival included this performance:

[The 2017] Fringe Festival featured a one-man show called “Who, Me” by Rob Lloyd, a fan from Australia. The Orlando Sentinel printed a review of the show, commenting on the actor’s resemblance to David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. The Guardians—and Rob–posted information about the show on our Facebook page. I brought a few word search puzzles, crosswords, and paper Daleks which I handed out to interested fans, saving a Tenth Doctor word search for the performer. Fellow Guardian Juan and I caught the Friday show. I’ve seen a lot of Fringe performances over the years, and Rob Lloyd’s was among the most professional and entertaining (although that could be my Doctor Who bias showing!).
If you follow Juan on Facebook, you will have seen his reviews of many Fringe shows. Several were genre-related, like “The Man from Earth,” starring John A., of DW fanfilm “Survivor’s Triangle” fame. Charles M. (an original GoG member, a former Lord President, and the star of GoG’s fanfilm “The New Order”) was also at the Fringe, producing a non-genre show.
From Juan’s Facebook review:
Who Me – David Tennant looks a lot like Rob Lloyd. Lloyd’s subconscious puts Doctor Who on trial. Does it make Rob a bad person–his love of Doctor Who? The audience/jury gets to decide. This is a journey through one man’s fandom. It shows how it affects us. Thank you, Rob.

From the June 2017 issue of The Gallifrey Guardian

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