A fellow Who fan and I were discussing the dearth of spoilers this season, so I’ve included info on where to find them in this post. Many of them come from https://twitter.com/WhoFilming , like this photo of the new TARDIS: https://twitter.com/WhoFilming/status/986260310951686144

Production is ongoing on Doctor Who series 11, with the shoot at least three blocks of filming in. Much of the work has been done inside Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff. Despite extensive location work in South Africa, Gosport, Sheffield, and other open spaces, much is still under wraps.
In April filming took place at Cardiff Bay Barrage, where Jodie Whittaker and Bradley Walsh were spotted on set. The crew were in Penarth on April 9. Filming for Block 2 (Rosa Parks episode and an unknown episode) finished overnight on March 20, with Whittaker and Tosin on location in Cardiff.

https://www.facebook.com/DoctorWhoFilming has a post by ‘Gosport Police’ of a Dalek in town. This site is the source of the photo in the February issue of the Gallifrey Guardian with the 13th Doctor next to the classic car. It was taken January 14 in front of The Book Lounge. Did you notice the sign in the tavern window “We cater to white trade only”? — presumably for the Rosa Parks issue.
Bradley Walsh was spotted in The Salimaker Pub in Gosport on February 21. Chelsea, a supervisor at the pub, told The News [he] had come into the pub and spoke to staff. She said: “I asked him what had bought him down this way and he said there was a film set near Fort Gilkicker for a few days. I asked what the set was and he explained he was for the new Doctor Who series.” The team also filmed in Little Woodham, a small 17th century-styled village.

https://twitter.com/DWFILMINGLOC posted “Possible filming in Sheffield again” near Park Hill Flats as recently as April 28. This site has photos and even video of shoots. One retweet mentioned Alan Cumming at a night shoot in the rain and mud (with a tree stump?) March 13. A Doctor Who location sign was seen in Splott on April 30.

I missed this article back in November; check out the photos! Jodie Whittaker was spotted climbing through a narrow hole in a fence which surrounded an industrial yard. Clad in an oversized black coat, a large white shirt and waistcoat, black trousers, and leather boots, she carried a heavy bag in her hand. Her coat appeared to be shredded at the bottom, showcasing a red cardigan. The bag held an interesting looking contraption. Side-kick Bradley Walsh, wrapped for the occasion in a padded jacket, was later spotted with another cast member sneaking towards the fence with various items in his arms.

Tidbits from various print media sources:
Sharon D Clarke revealed that her character is human, married to Bradley Walsh’s character, who is also human. Clarke seems to be staying behind on Earth while the team have their adventures in time and space. Chris Chibnall is said to be very keen to make Doctor Who a show that more families will sit down and watch. Whatever their relationship, the feeling is that the adventurers are a family – with Walsh’s character Graham taking a “parental” role.
Whittaker’s Doctor has been described as ‘funny’ and she has been allowed to keep her own accent (Yorkshire), so once again the Doctor sounds to be from the North. Ray Holman and Jodie Whittaker designed the new Doctor’s costume. Rumor has it the first story is set in Sheffield and will follow Whittaker’s attempts to track down her lost TARDIS while still adjusting to her new body.
Known directors for series 11 thus far are Jamie Childs (Block 1), Mark Tonderai (Episodes 2 and 3), and Sallie Aprahamian (Block 3).
In an official advert in an industry publication, BBC Worldwide promised “More than 11 hours of new content in Autumn 2018,” far more than the episode lengths previously given would account for. Could the extra two and a half hours be due to a Xmas special, extended series finale, tie-in online videos, or behind-the-scenes extras?
This year’s Doctor Who annual, set to go on sale in October, is listed at the Book Depository website. Here’s a bit of the synopsis: The Doctor Who Annual 2019 will be an incredible insight into the Thirteenth Doctor and her first journey in time and space. There will be an all-new TARDIS to explore, alien tech to examine (with a brand-new sonic screwdriver) and monsters to defeat.

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