GoG’s April Meeting and Random Thoughts

Our video presentation was filled with the occult, from new series The Shakespeare Code to classic series The Daemons to Reeltime’s sequel The White Witch of Devil’s End.  Why in April, you say? Because of Beltane (midnight April 30), prominently featured in The Daemons. If you’re wondering why we didn’t watch a certain Fourth Doctor story about the evils of over-taxation at our April 15th meeting,
1)  We watched it the last time the meeting fell on April 15.
2)  Tax day this year is tomorrow, April 18.

I enjoy watching the episodes with subtitles, as I learn something new almost every meeting. This month, I finally caught the pun the Tenth Doctor makes when he and Martha are looking for the house of the Carrionites. As a door opens, he says, “Witch house.” I never realized before that he wasn’t just saying, “Which house?”

Recently in a show I watch regularly, a character began a sentence with “What on Earth…” and the response was “What’s Earth got to do with it?” Of course, I immediately wanted to write a sci-fi filksong based on Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to do with it?”!

In Twice Upon a Time, when the First Doctor says “evil should win” because of the survival instinct, did anyone else think it was the most efficient choice only for the individual? Choosing to do good, even at the risk of one’s own happiness (or life), can be better for the group, thus insuring the survival of the species.

Last thought: compare the way classic companions left the Doctor vs. the departures of new series companions. Could it be a panel at your next Doctor Who convention?



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