Jodie Speaks!

Below are a few excerpts from the March 18 issue of Sunday Times Magazine, in which Jodie Whittaker was interviewed by Chrissy Iley:

(Chrissy) There is a firmness to her. You don’t mess with her. There’s a strange kind of deep seated confidence and strength and that’s something that she brings to the roles she plays…there’s a trace of a woman who can do anything. Including take on the role of the first female Doctor Who.
She’s more than willing to make someone’s day. In fact, she does a little video message for my friend Rob – a lifelong Doctor Who fan. He almost cries when he gets it. She knew he would. That is the kind of emotion Doctor Who evokes in people. She is hugely empathic to its fans. She knows she’s taken on something that comes with heritage.
(Jodie) “I like being part of a team…Doctor Who is very collaborative, it is a very exciting job.”
And although it felt overwhelming she also took comfort in that she was part of a team, a team that existed before she was even born. “It’s wonderful and overwhelming and I absolutely love it. As a family we didn’t watch it except at other people’s houses. But I was much more aware of it when it came back with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith.”
Who was her favorite? “David of course, because I know him (her co-star in Broadchurch). I think he was amazing. But there is no right or wrong, there are no rules.”
Often the Doctor becomes very close to his female companion and there’s a semi-romance; is there a romance? “I am only a few weeks in so I don’t know the answers to quite a lot of questions yet.”
“I think I have been really lucky. Doctor Who definitely puts me on a level where if I go into a meeting I probably don’t have to say what I have been doing for the last few months.”
“My birthday is wrong on [my Wikipedia page]. It’s June 17, same day as Arthur Darvill” [Yes, THAT Arthur Darvill].

One thought on “Jodie Speaks!

  1. The article also pointed out that the 13th Doctor’s costume included multiple earrings, shaped like planets and stars.


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