Time Lord Fest – the original

As Time Lord Fest is this weekend, I thought I’d post this review of an early festival, from Lord President Arthur.  The article first appeared in the September 2011 issue of the Gallifrey Guardian.  – Julia

Not unlike the doctor, this Timelord (Moi) might have fudged the time coordinates on the way to the TIME LORD FEST at Natura Café’ on July 16th 2011. But better late than never:
It was about halfway into the 1996 McGann Doctor Who TV Movie Panel when the gracious organizers (Amongst them Blue TARDIS, Janet Gatsby, and Ken Spivey. He’s got a band too, but more on that…) let me slide on up to the Moderator’s Table. Got there in time to comment on how some aspects of Dr. 8’s only televised adventure might have influenced Doctor Who since its 2005 return (i.e. rich orchestrated music, from John Debney to Murray Gold). My fellow panelists, including one of the heads of Dragoncon’s Brittrack, handled most of the talking points.
First mission accomplished, I make the rounds, hang chill, etc: Julia already got the GOG wares set up and in no time Alpha was out and. I did not get away from the props; seems Ken wanted one of us to guest during the finals of the trivia contest, appearing as “The Guardian of Gallifrey,” wearing that remarkably durable Timelord Head-Collar originally crafted by [former GoG] member Carla. A tad reluctant at first, I really got into it, even drawing many of the cameras AND all the wonderful costumed patrons. It was more than worth grappling with a Ceremonial Dress Timelord’s Arch-Nemesis – The Narrow Doorway!
I spent a lot of time buzzing about outside, as much of the event was a veritable Outdoor Market and Hang-Out for Whovians. Enjoyed the novelists, jewelry crafters, and others setting up for the occasion. One slight drawback with all the fun out here was that I missed out on a few of the panels inside, like the Doctor Who’s Line Improv and one with the masterminds of Doctor Stew!
Fortunately, I got in for Ken Spivey’s Band and the costume contest. Ken’s group combines Celtic, Folk, and Doctor Who-inspired stuff with a lot of laughs thrown in. As for the costume contest: many an Amy & Doctor, an Idris (aka “The Doctor’s Wife”), a wonderful 9th Doctor & Rose, and at least two River Songs. One River was Lynne. Her fiancé, John (The 8th Doctor) got Best of Show, both won big prizes. Btw: Ken, Janet, et al did not skimp on those Prizes. Among the goodies were an old school sonic screwdriver, a Sontaran Experiment action figure set, and admission to Dragoncon! And as mentioned, I flashed that fancy reflective Gallifreyan Cowl just in *Time* for the Final Round in the Trivia Contest.
That left my second panel, the wrap-up for the event. Last but by no means least, It was the “Matt vs. David” Panel! I did point out that comparisons between Doctors during regenerations – favorable and especially unfavorably – is nothing new. I think in the end we compromised nicely…
Leaving the last sad bit – closing. We made our farewells: Apparently someone is a “Rock Star”? Probably got the wrong guy, but he might be desperate enough to take it. Just Sayin’ 😉
Anywho, that’s what I gots from the fun time me & Julia had at [Time Lord Fest].

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