As our January meeting is this weekend, I thought I would share a trivia contest from an earlier meeting. This one was inspired by a suggestion to substitute the word “Dalek” for a word in a movie title, as in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Daleks.” Here are your clues (answers in tomorrow’s blog post):

1  Daleks seize a southern mansion during the Civil War.

2  Daleks go after a rag-tag group of rebels who have blown up the Death Star.

3  Daleks search for the Ark of the Covenant.

4  A Dalek, obsessed by a strange tune, searches for extra-terrestrial life on Earth.

5  A Dalek secret agent stops a madman in an underwater city from taking over the world.

6  Three Dalek sharpshooters go in search of Confederate gold.

7  A girl travels to the Emerald City to ask a Dalek to send her home.

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