Nothing political here, folks, just a sample column from the current Lord President of the Guardians of Gallifrey!  This would have in the September issue of the newsletter, had Hurricane Irma not caused its postponement. Instead, members received a double-sized September/October issue (and had memberships extended by one month).  The missing column:

“With September 2017, I am in Fall, freefall that is. Lots of events, club as well as personal. Between that and my usual deadline impairment, a short column, even for my standards:
-Thanks to everyone who came by last month to partake in our salute to Ryan K. Johnson’s Female Doctor fan films, not to mention a revisit to GHOSTLIGHT and Johnson’s parody STAR TREK THE PEPSI GENERATION, and more.
-Join us September 17th back at Sci-Fi-City for a little more of Ryan’s stuff, along with accounts of our recent adventures with the recent RiffTrax Presentation of THE FIVE DOCTORS (look for Julia’s account elsewhere this issue!) and the usual chat, business, planning, and of course DW video.
See you in the future,


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