We are with Vegas

I had planned to post a brief, up-beat message about Doctor Who being mentioned on the season premier of The Big Bang Theory, but circumstances dictated something more serious. Last year, just two weeks before the Guardians were to hold their 30th Anniversary Party, a gunman opened fire at the Pulse nightclub in nearby Orlando. Below is a message I posted on the Club’s Facebook page shortly after that tragedy, relevant again all too soon.

The Guardians Of Gallifrey: Doctor Who Fans of Central FL
Published by Julia Langston · · June 15, 2016 ·
For days I have not been able to bring myself to work on our Doctor Who Fan Fun Day. It seemed frivolous at best–and perhaps even in poor taste–to plan a party at a time of such sorrow.
This is not the first time tragedy has cast a shadow over a Guardian event. In 2001, we held a party to celebrate the release of the club’s double-issue yearbook, and the first commercial Doctor Who DVD. It had been planned for mid-September. Mere days before the gathering, the Twin Towers came down; we carried on.
Doctor Who itself first aired the day after the Kennedy assassination. The world mourned, but carried on.
The advice of my friends, fannish and otherwise, has convinced me that it is imperative we continue to gather together to share good times. We will carry on.

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